Daily Trading System


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The Broker I am using throughout the course (Hot Forex) is a broker that is no longer available to US residents due to some FTC regulations. Offshore Brokers are being shut out because some Brokers will not go through the process of getting a license so they can accept US (and sometimes Candian) Residents. However, don't worry about this. There are also plenty of brokers available to US and Canadian residents.

For those that do accept US residents, don't worry-- it's not illegal to get an Offshore Brokerage trading account. I stopped using US Brokers about 10 years ago, and never had a problem since :-)

In order to follow along with the videos you basically just need to find a broker that uses the MetaQuotes platform (MT4). According to MetaQuotes' website, there are actually HUNDREDS of brokers using their software. So you should be able to find one without much problem.

When it comes to opening and verifying your account, most brokers will have similar requirements to what I discuss in lesson #1. And remember to start with a demo account before you start trading real money. It is often easy to set up a demo account, so do that first so you can get started on the course. Then you can go through the process of getting your money account approved and funded.

Here are some brokers (I might not keep this list up-to-date, so use your own due diligence when choosing a broker)


Hot Forex (No US)



Forex FS (Australia) (Not sure)

xemarkets (No US)

InstaForex (No US)

Forex Broker Inc (US OK)

RoboForex (No US)

TradeFort (No US)

AC Markets/Swissquote (US may be restricted)

alpari (NZ) (US OK)

IBFX (US OK) ($10k min)

Forex.com (US OK) (Some offshore brokers are transferring US accounts here)

FXSolutions (US OK)

CMS Forex (US OK)

alpari (NZ) (US OK)

CitiFX (US OK)

Profiforex (US OK)

This is not a complete list, there are hundreds more.

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